A post from the new phone

Just a couple of posts ago I wrote about how I  was feeling rather melancholy over having finally given up my beloved Windows phone, which I have used for many years and did so with pride. It had served me well, and I actually am still using it for some of its offline functions, but I broke down and finally jumped ship to the Android-powered Galaxy Note 5.

Why am I telling you this if I already told you a couple of posts ago? Along with the vastly improved selection of apps (confession: I’ve been playing Pinball Arcade – almost perfect recreations of actual pinball machines.  Don’t miss out!), I discovered a WordPress app that lets me post from my phone. I can’t imagine I’ll be doing that a lot, but I figured I may as well give it a try. Incidentally, those links should link to the Google Play store which was a test of this platform and my ability to use it, but depending on how you’re reading this they may not work. So be forewarned!


Even so, here it is! My first ever mobile post! I have composed and edited this entire post using the Android WordPress app on the Galaxy Note 5. It’s obviously not as convenient as doing it in a browser, but it does have good functionality for a mobile app and seems to have worked well enough so far. It has some scrolling issues that prevent me from scrolling completely top the top or bottom, there have been many typos thanks to the phone’s autocorrect, I had to do A LOT of proofreading, figuring out how to save so I don’t lose everything and even how to publish is unintuive, and inserting links can be clunky; even with all of that, I used the phones palm-swipe screenshot function to take some shots, and even edited the header image all on the phone.


It’s been an experience (to give an example of the difficulty I’ve had typing, that originally corrected to “arm exoskeleton”). It won’t be my go to editor, but it’s surprisingly functional even with its limitations, and it’s nice to know it’s there, just in case.

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