Privacy Policy


Here at, we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you do (Actually, we do care about that last one – no jerks!). If you’re civil, enjoy reading what I put up, and get something of value from the site, you’re welcome around here. I don’t store, check, or care about, any identifying information, or even aggregate information other than number of visitors and, once in a blue moon, country of origin of recent visitors.

That being said, this site does use many plugins, including ones from Twitter, Gravatar, Disqus, Pinterest, and others, and is hosted on GoDaddy. They may very well gather information that is sent back to their respective companies, and I have no control over that. Therefore, you may want to review their terms and conditions if, for whatever reason, you are concerned about how they gather and utilize data.

I don’t gather, sell, give away, investigate, hoard, aggregate, analyze, sort, or utilize in any way any data from anyone who visits. I don’t run ads, I generate no income from this site, I do this because I enjoy it and to share topics I love with whoever wishes to read about them.

You are free here, my friends!