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Microsoft and Apple face harsh realities


It hasn’t been a good week for Microsoft or Apple, and difficult decisions will have to be made at both companies. I suspect Microsoft’s will be more difficult, but neither is off the hook.

First, Microsoft: Layoffs at the company are rare, with a one-time layoff of 5,000 employees back in 2009 the first major staff reduction the company had ever seen. With their renewed push into mobile, however, and the heavily-questioned acquisition of Finnish smartphone maker Nokia, as well as the appointment of new CEO Satya Nadella, layoffs are not as rare as they once were.

Finally, a mobile OS for the rest of us

There are many mobile operating systems you can choose from: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry OS, Tizen, and while they all have their strengths, they also clutter up the phone and the interface with unnecessary and clunky icons, pictures, and functionality. They’re so easy to use and so useful, but who really wants that?

Virtual Machines and My Time With Windows 10 (image heavy!)

As we all know, especially if you read the Windows 10 reveal post on this very blog, Microsoft recently announced that Windows 9 was going to be Windows 10. They skipped a whole number for various theorized reasons, but response to the new OS has been cautiously optimistic. This was helped by Microsoft’s standard practice of releasing an early build that people could download, install, and play with if they were so inclined.

It’s not an alpha release, in which the software is very early, very unstable, and only tested by people inside the company, it’s more closely related to a beta, which is a later, more refined but still buggy pre-release version tested by the public or outside testers/focus groups. Rather than call it either of those however, it’s what Microsoft labels a ‘Technical Preview,’ a current, non-optimized and incomplete yet generally functional version of the still-one-year-away Windows 10. It may have bugs, it may crash, it may behave erratically or unexpectedly, it may even destroy all your data, but you agree to take on that risk if you decide to download it and give it a try.

So of course I downloaded it!

But I’m aware of the risk, and I would never install it on a machine I actually use. Well, not quite anyway. I use what’s known as a ‘Virtual Machine,’ which is a simulation of dedicated hardware on other dedicated hardware. To put it more clearly, I installed it in its own little corner of my Mac.

They grow up so fast! Windows 9 teased

At the end of this post, I wrote “I’ll update this post as I learn more.” Well boy, did I learn more. You see, this post was written in two parts: I knew the reveal of the new Windows would happen today, and so I wrote up a post ahead of time in anticipation of that and based on what I knew. I was excited about the potential of it and the rebranding of the OS to “Windows,” which I thought would be a nice clean rebranding to avoid confusion as it unifies itself across a wide range of devices such as tablets, watches, PCs, consoles, and many other things.

However, at the unveil today, they skipped the expected “Windows 9” altogether, and instead are calling it Windows 10. That is unexpected, and according to them they are doing it because Windows 9 just didn’t represent the huge jump this version is going to be.

New tile-based Windows 10 start menu (Source: GigaOm)

New tile-based Windows 10 start menu (Source: TechCrunch)