Rec Letter Requirements

If you would like me to write a recommendation letter for you, please read the following:

I am generally happy to write a letter of recommendation and am encouraged when students are interested in graduate school. However, before I consider writing a letter of recommendation for you, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have taken at least two different courses with me
  • At least one of those courses, preferably more, need to have been smaller classes (smaller here is relative, but a max of around 75).
  • I need to have had some personal interaction with you. If you were just a face in the back of a huge class, I can’t write a compelling letter.
  • You need to have achieved a respectable grade in all classes taken with me, and currently have a strong GPA.
  • Ultimately, whether I write the letter or not is my decision, and I reserve the right to decline for any reason.

If the above conditions are met, please also keep these considerations in mind:

  • We must have an in-person meeting before I agree to write a letter for you. This is so I can have an idea of your goals, learn more about you, and write a letter that speaks to your strengths.
  • The meeting must be requested and set up via email beforehand to ensure there’s enough time to discuss all we’ll need to discuss.
  • Any request from a university for a letter of recommendation on your behalf must be received by me at least four weeks prior to the application deadline.
  • I will submit letters to a maximum of ten universities.
  • I only submit letters through online requests directly from universities; I don’t mail them nor provide them to students.
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