The new trailer for “Steve Jobs” is here.

Steve Jobs

There is yet another movie being released that is purported to tell the story of industry luminary Steve Jobs. Aptly titled “Steve Jobs,” it seems to tell the story we all know and love: He was a driven dreamer, with perhaps less-than-stellar people skills, who luckily had some help along the way to forming one of the most important technology companies ever.

There have been other movies made about him. There was “Pirates of Silicon Valley” which I enjoyed greatly, although it was more about Steve Jobs *and* Bill Gates. of course, Bill Gates was never part of Silicon Valley, but you get the idea. This movie is probably the best one out there, and is highly regarded, but there was also the 2013 release “Jobs.” This movie was not well-received, however I thought it was very good. Never mind that Ashton Kutcher is a dead-ringer for 70s-era Steve Jobs, and although I’m no connoisseur I felt his acting was fine, but the story, at least the parts it told, were accurate and it showed the rise and leveling-out of both Steve jobs and the company he helped found.

Now comes this new one. Set to release October 9th, it also doesn’t look like it will shy away from the controversial aspects of the man. In fact, the trailer begins with Seth Rogen, playing the actual technical genius behind the company Steve Wozniak, questioning what it is Steve Jobs actually *does.” It delves into his complicated family life, the company, and most importantly the man himself. Jobs is played by Michael Fassbender, who looks nothing like Jobs until he gets to Jobs’ turtleneck era, but the trailer shows him when he’s young and it’s just not him.

Even so, I’m looking forward to it. I’m always interested to see different takes on the development of the computer industry and the people who played major roles in its success.

You can see the trailer below, and the official movie site can be found at