Watch an interview with a well-known hacker

The most well-known hacking group is Anonymous, known for their Guy Fawkes masks and high-profile attacks against targets such as Sony, the Church of Scientology, Westboro Baptist Church (a hack that was, impressively, carried out during a live interview), an ironic very high-profile attack against security firm HBGary, even Gene Simmons’ website, and there are many others. I was impressed, in a way, when a member of Anonymous was arrested at UNLV, and turned out to be a journalism student.

However there was another group, an offshoot and sometimes-rival, known as LulzSec that carried out some hacks of its own, apparently just for the, well, the lulz. Their targets included PBS, Fox, Arizona State Police, the U.S. Senate, and, of course, everyone’s favorite target, Sony. There were many other targets.

LulzSec disbanded, however, after many of them were arrested after their leader, ‘Sabu,’ real name Hector Xavier Monsegur, turned government informant, and he has helped them in other endeavors as well. This was part of a plea deal that he said he agreed to due to his kids.

Now, he has been interviewed on CBS This Morning, and I have embedded a clip below. I couldn’t find the full interview, but if I do I’ll update this post. Even with the four minute clip, it’s still very interesting and gives some insight into the hacker mentality and law enforcement’s attempts to thwart them.

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