Now this is how you record fireworks!

This was surprisingly incredible. A hobbyist used a remote-controlled drone – the only kind of drone, really – to film fireworks displays from above and within. I’m not normally a fan of music behind videos, but in this case it really adds to the visuals. Plus, if you ever heard what a drone sounds like, you neeeed music.

I also should make a clarification about drones: We often think of them only in terms of their military applications, especially here in Nevada since almost all military drones around the globe are piloted from right outside Nellis Air Force Base. However there is a vast community of private drone pilots who use them for all kinds of fun stuff, this video being just one example. Here you can read about someone crashing a quadcopter, there’s another site for people who want to try building their own, and on this page you can tour locations all over the world through the use of drone-filmed footage. You can even buy them on Amazon, who wants to deliver your drones using drones in the drone future.

Anyway, on to the fireworks!