Massive information theft unveiled

Over on Tom’s Guide is a post revealing that a massive, and I do mean massive theft of information has been taking place for many years and by the same attack.

The attack, dubbed NightHunter by the security firm that discovered it, has been using an unusual form of hostile software to carry out the theft. Using keyloggers (which record keypresses and relay them to a third party, something we’ll talk about in class) embedded in phishing emails (fraudulent emails asking for account information, something we’ll also talk about in class), they were able to steal information – including login information – from sites like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, and bank sites to name only a few.

As far as I can tell this is a new revelation, and the attempt to figure out who is behind it is still going on. In the meantime, be careful. Keyloggers are the most difficult type of malware to identify if your machine has been infected.